…have always been an excellent accelerant to get my pissed offness on…  if you lift your head up a little while riding the 2, 3, N, D, whatever, you’re sure to see something stupid or revolting almost all the time.  it is as if ad agencies pool their resources together to come up with the stupidest ads and slogans they can come up with for us, the commuting drones…  i always wanted to steal tons of those ads and use them as wallpaper in a room– imagine a wall chuck full of subway ads– from impotence cures to “se hable inglez?” ads featuring assorted smug jackasses with shit-eating grins, giving a confident thumbs-up to us riders (will shoot and post that one soon).

well, MTA recently started their ad campaign and i thought it is best to start with their own jewels.  here is my favorite:

“if it is broke, fix it”…  genius, eh?  it took them decades to realize it but so what?  at least they did.  did they really believe in the maxim “if it is broke, don’t fix it” in the past?  yes they did, yes they did.  they waited for everything to be broken, and then they disrupted service at a line or a station for several years to fix it.  and now they’re plastering this ad all over the subway system like they’re proud of their past stupidity?  really, who is running the MTA?  “yeah, let’s put an ad that implies we were stupid and not fixing things when they needed fixing, but only getting off our asses to do something when all went to hell, disrupting the entire system in the meantime but now we know that we need to fix things when they break, instead of waiting for everything else to break with it”…  atta boys!

then they follow up with this jewel:

“well, we have no business writing apps so we go to whiz kids”…  well, that is good.  here is a suggestion mr. bloomberg: why don’t you get your MTA whiz kid certified too?  ask a couple of your industry whiz kid buddies to run the MTA.  give them 3 months to diagnose the bottlenecks and a 6 month carte blanche to fire and hire indiscriminately afterwards.  i’ll eat my hat if that doesn’t make this the best public transportation system of the US in two years…