oh, my, pynchon is getting bold and bolder… first a cameo appearance in simpsons, then the rumors of a p.t. anderson movie in the works for “inherent vice”, and now permitting the e-publication of his books.. is there anything pynchon won’t do for publicity?

what’s next tommy boy, a 6 page au nautrel photo spread, along with a full-frontal centerfold, with you in an elegant and vaguely athletic standing tiger/ crouching dragon pose from the kama sutra, flexing your body over a desk full of e.m. forster first editions, your bare old skin accentuated only with an airbrushed “V.” tattoo on your navel pointing towards a colorful, alas still airbrushed, “gravity’s rainbow” tattoo on your scrotum, stenciled by zak smith, in playgirl’s “the naughty boys of american lit” edition?