…the times published a report on the resurrection of public school prayers.  naturally the reports are coming from the deep south, the deadweight of america, still trying to cling to its long past glory days, it is still a serious threat with all the fundamentalist, especially evangelical sentiments spreading around the nation like an arizona bushfire.  seems the shame of religion in public schools will never go away.

as usual, the religious zealots are playing the victim once again, claiming persecution.  yeah, right.  they learned, long ago, if they cry incessantly, they’ll get what they want like a child…

the zealots know the best time to indoctrinate a person is in their most depressed and trying times.  what better time than high school where every kid is blue?

the religious come-ons, like the come-ons of prostitutes, never speak to the happy and the content.  they speak to the miserable:  no one turns to god due to happiness and contentment.  depression, misery, illness and other assorted woes make you hooked to that drug.

and that’s why junior and high-schools, with the blues, isolation, inferiority complexes, cliques, girl-boy troubles, parent issues, etc that come along with matriculation, are the prime recruitment grounds of religious nuts…  and that’s why they’re the main battleground of free speech in america– from the scopes trial and evolution to school prayers…

if we want our society to advance and be peaceful and content, we need to keep these zealots, these religion pimps out of schools.   we need to protect these young impressionable minds from dogma.  if we can’t, we’ll lose these minds and all they could have achieved if they were not fried out by religion..

despite their usual infantile tactics, gotta give congratulations to the zealots– they know how to use demagogy.  while intellectuals go on their logical academic tirades about the danger evangelicals (and other hardcore religious nuts) pose on our society and our future, zealots speak to the lowest common denominator.  and this is where the left fails famously–  they never learned to speak to the lowest common denominator.   they see themselves too good for it.  or they overestimate the people who they should communicate to.

either way, unless we learn how to fight demagogy by demagogy, we will never win and we’ll always be cast as the persecutors.

we should swallow our pride and learn to drop ripostes such as the jewels the times reported:

“I definitely think that we should try to get our relationship with Christ back into the schools, Jesus represents everything we want our students to live by.”; or

“I want these kids to know that eternal life is real, and I don’t care what happens to me, they’re going to hear it today.”; or

“Please pray for the dark forces out there who would seek to do harm in this situation”.

well, the dark forces are already unleashed– as the times reported shortly after school prayer in public schools, the GOP zealots are pushing religion like heroin in their ad campaigns…   again, shameless demagogy…

save our future– keep religion out of our schools.  and fight demagogy with demagogy…  maybe then the south shall finally rise again….