and, when i finally thought i heard ’em all, the times hit me with a “new term of art”, which translates to bullshit covered in pink margarine icing.  apparently a piece of fuselage was torn off from a southwestern airlines 737 in midflight today.  any frequent flyer knows southwest flies some of the shittiest planes on this side of the greenwich meridian approved by the FAA, so it is not surprising at all.  when you buy a plane which has already been bastardized by whoever flew it for a few decades nonstop, and then fly it from omaha to reno roundtrip non-stop for a few more decades, it starts falling apart.  but, apparently, southwest has a new term of art for “our plane is an old, old piece of shit that is being held together at the wings by some spit, a few mouthfuls of chewed off wrigley’s tutti frutti and tons of hail mary’s”: they call it “aircraft skin fatigue“!

“aircraft skin fatigue”?  really?  this is a good one…  the PR industry has finally written off the collective intelligence of the american people.  granted, we are having a reverse evolution and good ole americans are stupider than before but convincing them “aircraft skin fatigue” is different than “our planes are worthless pieces of shit”?  now that is bold..  thought calling “rebels” or “freedom fighters” “insurgents” was as far as they could’ve pushed the underestimation of the collective intelligence but this is a new low.  kudos southwest PR drones!