…memphians are at it again– this time we have my boy bruce tuck– a convicted serial rapist.  now, rape is no laughing matter.  however, his appeal is one for the ages.  that glorified tabloid commercial appeal reports:

“Tuck, a former Memphian who has pending rape charges here, claimed his lawyer did not properly represent him and that jailers there kept him on a lettuce diet until he agreed to confess in exchange for potato chips and a soft drink.” [emphasis added]

apparently my boy tuck signed away his freedom for a bag of ruffles and a can of coke.  claims that the jailers put him in an involuntary fat camp.  this story is a real jewel, read it.  i would love to see what will happen in the following appeal.  while you’re at it, check his mugshot as well:

he really has that “my freedom for a bag of ruffles” look, doesn’t he?  oh, also, the last twist is my boy tuck was a former jailer himself…  so he should know about west tennessee jailers and their fat camp methods…